General information

CEFOSELEN PURE – is a dietary supplement, the main component of which is selenium. It contains a high level of organically bound selenium – a trace element that has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the body. Selenium has an antioxidant effect, normalizes the thyroid gland functionality.


  1. Selenium – 100 mcg.

Excipients: orisil, calcium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, lactose – 170 mg.


It is recommended for use as an additional source of natural selenium. CEPHOSELEN is also prescribed to normalize the thyroid gland functioning. CEPHOSELEN PURE can be used in the complex treatment of diseases such as autoimmune thyroiditis, non-toxic multinodular goiter, thyrotoxicosis with diffuse goiter. It can also be used to improve immune responses in colds treatment, for the prevention of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. The antioxidant effect of selenium allows you to slow down the growth of malignant neoplasms or to prevent their development.


CEPHOSELEN PURE is taken by adults 1 capsule 1 time per day during or after meals, with plenty of water. The minimum admission course is 2 months. Longer intake of a dietary supplement requires agreement with your doctor.

Important to know: CEPHOSELEN PURE is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactation. A dietary supplement cannot be a substitute for a source of good and balanced nutrition. Does not contain GMOs.